Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Southern Virginia

Your Trusted Carpet Cleaning Crew!

Experience why business owners in Southern Virginia call The Carpet Cleaning Crew to help revive their carpets in their commercial property.

"The Carpet Cleaning Crew offers a quality service. We have used them twice and in both cases the results exceeded expectations. Their cleaning process does not leave you with wet carpets and it is excellent at removing stains and odors. You will not be disappointed."

John Q. via Google

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Professional Carpet Cleaning to match your professional service!

Do you need to get your rooms or apartments back into inventory fast? Are you wondering how to lower your maintenance transition costs? Are you concerned about long disruption to your business? The Carpet Cleaning Crew can help.

We provide professional, thorough, and fast carpet cleaning for commercial properties, hospitality properties, apartment buildings, senior living, medical properties, and real estate. We have worked with businesses all around Lynchburg, Roanoke, Danville and Moneta, delighting them with our unique carpet cleaning process, and we can do the same for your business.

Your carpets dry fast, meaning less disruption

Our low-moisture carpet cleaning process ensures that your carpets will be dry the same day (usually within an hour), so there is minimal disruption to your business.

Safe Cleaning Environment

We have EPA Certified Green products to clean your carpets, creating a safer cleaning environment for everyone in the building.

We work with your needs & budget

We listen to what you need, get an understanding of your budget, and put together a carpet cleaning plan that will work for you.

We can clean:

Hospitality Properties

Commercial Buildings

Apartment Buildings

Senior Living

Medical Facilities

Real Estate

Why call us for your commercial carpet cleaning?

We save you money.

Want to lower your cleaning/maintenance transition costs? The Carpet Cleaning Crew's unique carpet cleaning process and staff expertise can save your carpets from replacement. By saving carpets that would typically be replaced and with our fast-drying times, this helps you save dramatically on your material, labor costs, and downtime.

We get your rooms back into inventory fast.

The Carpet Cleaning Crew can clean units in multi floors/units in a day and have them back in your inventory during that same day! Our moist-to-dry carpet cleaning process allows our Crew to be walking out as your new renters are walking onto freshly cleaned carpets!

Carpet Cleaning results that last.

Our low-moisture carpet cleaning process ensures that your carpets stay clean for longer as we don't get your carpet backing or pads wet, which reduces the risk of spots returning.

Need a carpet cleaner fast?

If you need clean carpets quickly, The Carpet Cleaning Crew can clean your carpets on short notice without the use of any hoses and without any drying issues.

"These guys are great! Our new-to-us condo carpet looks amazing and smells fresh! They were on time, quick, and got stains out that we weren't sure could be removed. Carpets were dry and spotless! I would highly recommend these guys and will definitely use them again!"

M. Switzer via Google

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100% Happiness Guarantee

If you aren't happy with your carpet cleaning, then you don't owe us a dime — that is how much we trust our people and our system to clean your carpets to the highest quality.

Make sure your carpets reflect your property.

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